n. A trip that combines participating in a race, such as a marathon or triathlon, and a vacation.
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I just got back from a mini racecation. I thought I’d share the things that I always forget and the things I never forget to create the ultimate packing list for a racecation!
—“The Fool-Proof Packing List For Your Next Race,” Women's Running, March 23, 2016
The group is part of a trend of people taking "racecations" — trips built around participation in events ranging from traditional marathons to mud-spattered obstacle courses.
—Dana McMahan, “Race Vacations Offer Rewards Beyond the Finish Line,” NBC News, August 11, 2014
As I get ready to run my fifth marathon, I’ve been reflecting on how many things I’ll be doing differently this weekend than I did when I ran my first marathon. One of those things is turning my race travels into a vacation racecation
2009 (earliest)
@Josiegal44 A little vacation and destination running, nice. Would that be called a runcation or maybe a racecation?
—Chris Barber, “@Josiegal44 A little…,” Twitter, July 01, 2009
a racing / rving summer holiday? the 1st of many "race-cations" have been posted (http://bit.ly/X7aKN). dates include irl, motogp, nascar.
11:36 AM -
—Element of Speed, “a racing / rving…,” Twitter, April 14, 2009