real reality
n. Everything that is not virtual reality.
Dyson ignores the sinister temptations of virtual reality, including virtual sex, temptations bound to grow as real reality gets ever scarier and more complex.
—Derek Bickerton, “Digital Dreams,” The New York Times, November 30, 1997
Virtual reality grabs you by the collar and yanks you in. …

What's missing? "To know is not all," said John Burroughs, "it is only half. To love is the other half." He's not talking heart-thumping romance. He's not talking R-rated passion. He's talking attention to detail. He's talking receptiveness. He's talking patience, and satisfaction with hints and traits. He's talking reality.

Real reality, the New England woodlands on a crisp late-summer's day.
—Chet Raymo, “Virtual reality is not enough,” The Boston Globe, September 10, 1990
1989 (earliest)
The head rig (more ephemeral than a helmet) presents each eye (therefore 3D) with a black and white wireframe scene in which one can move by moving one's body in real reality.
—Stewart Brand, “Sticking your head in cyberspace,” Whole Earth Review, June 22, 1989
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