n. In an old show, a brief appearance by a then-unknown actor who would go on to become famous.
Also Seen As
Christian Slater?! Has a retrocameo! (brief appearence [sic] of an actor who would later become famous)
—Drone, “Christian Slater…,” Twitter, February 19, 2014
With an amusingly retro cameo by Rob Reiner (Penny Marshall's then-husband) as her boyfriend in the first episode, the series gets off to a funny if slightly insider-like slow start as Felix and Oscar take it upon themselves to remake the frumpy Myrna (Marshall) into marriage material but it grows stronger with the next four successive episodes.
—Jen Johans, “DVD Review: The Odd Couple — The Final Season,” Blogcritics, November 17, 2008
2006 (earliest)
1. Gone 'til November (Wyclef Jean) - Bob Dylan
2. Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen) - Courteney Cox (retro-cameo)
—William Fuld, “Top FIVE Greatest Videos with CAMEO appearances,” DVD Talk, April 24, 2006