n. The transformation of an area into a sauna-like environment.
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The rapid saunification of the atmosphere is only one of 2015’s important climate stories.
—John Metcalfe, “Warmer… Warmer… Warmest? 2015 in Climate Change,” CityLab, December 18, 2015
Of course, the future that Singapore is/is becoming won’t resemble the vast desertification of much of the rest of the world as much as it will a concrete-tropical saunafication.
—Isaac Linder, “Rapid Prototyping (Scatter, Sketch, Scrapbook Atomization, Limn-Cinema) Nº4: 'Deserts' of the Real,” The Space of the Not/ebook, October 16, 2012
As an evolutionary response to the saunification of the earth, all humans would become naked old men.
And the saunification of my office begins… :-(
—Shawn S., “And the…,” Twitter, February 09, 2010
2007 (earliest)
I came back from work today and entered my room. It was unusually warm and wet…Some of the local AIESECers quickly asserted that it was probably something happening on the floor above that caused this "saunification".
—Allan Leung, “My room Turned into a Sauna,” Allan can't stop bloggin', September 11, 2007
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