n. A photo of one or more shelves, usually bookshelves, owned by the photographer.
Also Seen As
Like the selfie (which had a recent moment of infamy thanks to President Obama), a shelfie is a kind of self-portrait. It doesn’t reveal, however, the truths to be found in a photographer’s face. Instead, a shelfie shows you what you can learn about someone from looking at their bookshelf.
—Hector Tobar, “Hey everybody, let's 'shelfie',” Los Angeles Times, December 18, 2013
I don’t know whether I should resolve to be more patient and tolerant in 2014 or go with my instinct and throw myself fully into the fight against gullibility/ stupidity. Gullipidity. Actually, I might just throw myself into the fight to make ’gullipidity’ happen. Also, ‘shelfie’ — a photo tweeted of one’s bookshelves — because if that takes off, well, for the first time I shall feel that I finally have something to offer the world.
—Lucy Mangan, “2013 has been a riotous success,” Stylist, December 17, 2013
2012 (earliest)
#shelfie (Taken with Instagram).
—between-brightnessandme, “#shelfie,” Tumblr, September 10, 2012