subway desert
n. An urban area that is underserved by the city's subway system.
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What is telling is how much of the city outside of Manhattan is not covered by more than one line — which means when that line fails or is out of service, that much more of the city is in a subway desert.
—Ivel Liverworst, “Interactive Map Exposes NYC's Sprawling Subway Deserts” (comment), Gothamist, July 12, 2016
Lots of the “subway deserts” shown here aren’t actually transit deserts once you take bus service into account.
—Eric Jaffe, “Where the New York City Subway Doesn't Go,” CityLab, August 05, 2015
Manhattan's east side is a notorious subway desert.
—Elizabeth Pierson, “This is what building NYC's new subway stations looks like,” Mashable, May 24, 2015
2014 (earliest)
@joshgreenman Slightly misleading because the "Queens" label is prominently in a subway desert. But yes, still underserved.
—Seth Porges, “@joshgreenman Slightly misleading…,” Twitter, August 21, 2014