n. A particularly clueless or annoying tourist.
"Rolling down the windows" is a snowboarding expression for anyone on the hill spinning his arms in a wild attempt to regain his balance.

It's a term that captures the inelegant flailing perfectly, and once you're in on the joke, you can stand near the bottom of a ski slope and laugh yourself silly watching people "roll down the windows." …

I can't even get up on skis in order to roll down the windows. You might say I can't even get the car out of the garage. If I could, I would most likely be a member of the group the boarders like to call "SPORS" (Stupid People On Rental Skis).

Instead, I exist simply as a "touron" (half tourist, half moron) who has ventured into the area to take in the apres ski culture of Northeast Ohio's two most popular downhill destinations.
—Tim Piai, “The ski's the limit,” The Plain Dealer, January 24, 2003
Over at U.S. 192 and State Road 535, westbound tourons — (a combo of tourists and morons, according to a local dj) — are constantly making sudden U-turns from the left lane, causing oodles of rear-end wrecks.
—“The Road Toad,” Orlando Sentinel, September 29, 1991
1987 (earliest)
New code words are being shouted in locker rooms and study halls, new notes are being passed, new insults hurled. These just in from the front: …

touron n. A tourist, usually an annoying one.
—“Say wha?,” The Washington Post, September 20, 1987