n. A tall building that resembles a tree or has tree-like characteristics.
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Nowadays, architects are designing buildings to be as passive as possible, meaning they source their own energy, employ energy efficient measures and sustainable materials. Some designers are taking this one step above by taking the idea of a tree as an entire living system and applying it to a responsible philosophy for a tower. These are the ‘treescrapers’ of tomorrow.
—Tibi Puiu, “Amazing ‘Treescraper’ Designs from Around the World,” ZME Science, November 18, 2015
Holland's OAS1S has envisioned an eponymous community of dwellings that are covered in greenery and resemble trees. Constructed from recycled wood and operating off-grid with the use of sustainable technology, the whimsical homes — or "treescrapers" — would make walking along your street feel more like a stroll through a forest.
—Adam Williams, “OAS1S imagines sustainable 'treescraper' communities,” Gizmag, June 29, 2015
A new design concept by Aprilli Design Studio is aiming to bring crop farming into cities. ‘Urban Skyfarm’ is a tree-like skyscraper that could provide space for growing food to help feed a growing population.
—Matt Clifford, “Treescraper for city farming,” Technology4Change, July 16, 2014
2008 (earliest)
What would you call a skyscraper that works like a tree, makes oxygen, distills water, produces energy, and changes with the seasons? Perhaps it’s time to propose a new word: treescraper!
—Mahesh Basantani, “William McDonough’s Treescraper Tower of Tomorrow,” Inhabitat, January 02, 2008