ugly selfie
n. A deliberately unattractive photographic self-portrait.
Amid the bared midsections and flawless smiles flashed all so often on the screen comes the explosion of the ugly selfie, a sliver of authenticity in an otherwise filtered medium.
—Jessica Bennett, “With some selfies, the uglier the better,” The New York Times, February 21, 2014
Yet in a what's-your-status world filled with overwhelming pressure to look camera-ready at all times, it can be liberating to drop the facade and laugh at society's obsession with the exterior.

Thus, in the last few years, the ugly selfie — a selfie that's intentionally silly or unattractive — was born.
— Jessica Pasquarello, “What's behind the 'ugly selfie'?,” Philadelphia Inquirer, September 05, 2013
2010 (earliest)
Everyone should post ugly selfies with heavy vignetting and become self proclaimed Self Portrait Artists.
—Feeling Croppy, “Happy STFU,” Flickr, October 20, 2010