urban yoga
n. A version of yoga that combines the traditional stretching and flexibility exercises with calisthenics and aerobics.
Founder Pekti Neter a veteran personal trainer who has had entertainer Eartha Kitt, singer Me'Shell Ndegocello and musician Vernon Reid as clients works body and mind in her classes to attain fitness. There are classes in urban yoga, strength training, a boxer's workout and a seriously sweaty aerobic workout.
—Jared McCallister, “Cruise benefit for critically ill kids,” Daily News, June 23, 1996
Urban yoga, an odd coupling of Eastern hatha yoga and Western calisthenics, is gently nudging aerobics and weight-training aside in favor of a quiet mind-body approach.
—Rona Berg, “Sense and Sensuality,” The New York Times, May 03, 1992
1991 (earliest)
Noll Daniel of New York's Crunch Fitness has taught his Urban Yoga Workout class in the city's exercise studios for four years. He recently held corporate classes for Home Box Office and American Express Co. employees. Daniel has revamped traditional yoga techniques and added situps and pushups to burn calories.
—Cara Appelbaum, “Fitness studios offer yoga with a new attitude,” Chicago Tribune, December 23, 1991
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