n. Email that is accessed and distributed over the web.
Soothing noises from Cable & Wireless, which admits it acted misleadingly. 'The service's advertised features have always included webmail rather than the more convenient POP3 e-mail system. However, a lot of customers were given POP3 by mistake,' says a spokeswoman.
—Anna Tims, “Consumer: Dear Anna; The Guardian's consumer champion fights your corner,” The Guardian (London), February 25, 1999
In the webmail category alone, the number of active mailboxes has leaped from 18.8 million to 61 million.
—Po Bronson, “On the Net, No One Knows You're a Maxwell,” Wired, February 01, 1999
1995 (earliest)
WebMail — Research prototype that provides electronic mail functionality from within the Web environment for seamless integration with other Web documents.
—“OSF Research Institute announces WebWare Advanced Technology Program,” PR Newswire, April 26, 1995
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