v. To rewrite or modify a work to make it more suitable for, or more appealing to, a young adult audience.
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It wouldn't be the end of the world but does everything need to be YAified?
—Mitch Brook, “It wouldn't…,” Twitter, June 01, 2015
But that hasn’t stopped the filmmakers from trying to YA-ify The Giver, and the result is something that trades in a lot of what made Lowry’s work a contemporary classic for generic dystopian details.
—Alison Willmore, “4 Ways 'The Giver' Turns A Beloved Novel Into Just Another Dystopian Teen Movie,” BuzzFeed, August 15, 2014
I can’t help but notice that YA dystopian fiction is having a moment. The Hunger Games, Divergent, Cinder. These books are everywhere. Atwood couldn’t ask for better timing to release the third book in this series. Rick at Another Book Blog pointed out the "YA-ification" of the paperback cover art and I bet that’s not coincidence.
—Laura Frey, “Oryx and Crake Read-Along: Post Two (Part 1 – 3 Reaction),” Reading in Bed, August 05, 2013
2006 (earliest)
Well, I finished. It took me roughly five hours of dicking around to write 500 words. But the story is done, clocking in at around 3400. But i’m not planning on turning it in tomorrow since it is absolutely not at all finished. It ended up all YA-ey…eck. I’m thinking about de-YAifying it, but that might require drastic surgery.
—Rahul Kanakia, “Clarion Day…need to figure this out,” Blotter Paper, July 19, 2006