n. A web-based computer game that incorporates advertising messages and images.
Octopi officials say advergames promote repeat traffic to Web sites and reinforce brands in compelling ways. Because users choose to register to be eligible for prizes, the games help marketers collect customer data. And because gamers may invite their friends to participate, the brand benefits from word of mouth, or what these days is called viral marketing.
—Alan Goldstein, “Web firm's ads play to gamers,” The Dallas Morning News, August 08, 2001
2000 (earliest)
For Clearnet, the decision to put 'advergames' on their site is an easy one. The games are relatively cheap. Splashworks said a game typically costs $10,000 to $15,000 for three months use, and it drives surfers to the site through electronic word of mouth.
—Paul Brent, “They want people to play with their ads,” National Post, March 13, 2000
This word — the latest evidence of the inherent diabolism of the marketing mind — was loosed upon the world in early 2000.