n. A cosmetic surgery procedure to help the feet fit into a particular shoe or shoe style.
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Women of the world, you probably know this moment, too: You ask the polite shoe salesman to bring you that snakeskin lace-up stiletto or navy ballet flat in a 9 or 7 or whatever, and he brings a shoe that's two sizes too small, purring a coy, "It's the only size left, do you want to just trrrrrry it?" It's a valiant effort, but inevitably you gawk, like, "What, am I supposed to just cut off my toes to fit into that?"
—Natalie Matthews, “This ‘Cinderella’ Foot Plastic Surgery Is Terrifying,” Cosmopolitan, April 25, 2014
For Dr. Sadrieh (who was wearing made-to-order Gucci brogues), foot surgery is a fusion of medicine and fairy tale. At his practice, you don’t have a bunionectomy; you have a Cinderella procedure.

"I had never met a patient who asked for a hallux valgus correction with osteotomy and screw fixation," he said. "So I decided to create a name that captures the result of the procedure, without all the Latin. The point of the Cinderella: being able to put a shoe on that didn’t fit comfortably before."
—Laren Stover, “Make Them Fit, Please!,” The New York Times, April 22, 2014
2007 (earliest)
Dr. Sadrieh's menu of commonly-requested treatments include: "Toe Tucks" (shortening of lengthier second toe), "Foot Sculpture" (eliminating excessive fat), "Cinderella Procedure" (narrowing of feet), "Footox" (Botox injection to eliminate excessive sweating); and, "Cushion Comfeet" (collagen injection or silicone implant into the bottom of feet for comfort).
—“Designer Feet for Designer Shoes,” PR Newswire US, February 15, 2007
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