clicks and bricks
n. A business strategy in which a company combines online ecommerce with traditional retail outlets.
Baird believes that the future for businesses that sell to the consumer will be in this combination of "clicks and bricks" by turning retail outlets not only into places the customer can go into to browse and buy but also use them much more dynamically as distribution centres for goods.
—Ken Symon, “Making Key Decisions In the Brave New World of E-commerce,” The Scotsman, December 20, 1999
Marla Malcolm has a beautiful new business. She's about to launch bluemercury inc., a Web site that will sell lotions, soaps, cosmetics and other beauty supplies. . . .She has [also] bought two real-world beauty stores.

"I do believe a lot in the clicks and bricks strategy," says Malcolm, chief executive of bluemercury. "In order to translate the right shopping environment, you have to see customers in the physical world."
—Shannon Henry, “Hoping Her Idea Clicks,” The Washington Post, November 04, 1999
1999 (earliest)
Countrywide's channel integration optimization strategy, dubbed 'clicks and bricks,' provides a seamless flow between all communication mediums utilized by consumers and business partners, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and greater operating efficiencies for the company.
—“Countrywide Unveils The Electronic Commerce Home Finance Network,” PR Newswire, August 18, 1999
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