adj. Describes a business model that combines online e-commerce with physical retail outlets.
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That was one day after chief executive Jonathan Bulkeley championed the "clicks-and-mortar" philosophy that has become the mantra of electronic retailing. The ability to reach out and touch customers both in and out of cyberspace, the theory goes, will make or break future retailers.
—Leslie Walker, “Now, Opposites Attract,” The Washington Post, October 21, 1999
With the 'click-and-mortar' grocers, stores that have both a local presence and online shopping capability, customers can get the best of both worlds," says GSN president Andy Robinson. "They have the known quality of their local grocer and the convenience and time-savings of online grocery shopping.
—Martin J. Moylan, “A Click to Bountiful,” Saint Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota), August 16, 1999
1999 (earliest)
The future of the Internet will not be about the physical world versus cyberspace, but about integrating the best of the two in what Schwab dubs "clicks and mortar," said Charles Schwab co-CEO David S. Pottruck.
—“Winning in Online Commerce Means Mastering 'Clicks and Mortar,' Says Schwab Co-CEO,” PR Newswire, July 19, 1999
Click and mortar
  • New funds of $20,000 for each secondary school and $6000 for primary schools to ensure all have Internet access by next year.
—“National's election-year punts,” The New Zealand Herald, May 21, 1999
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