couch commerce
n. Ordering goods and services while relaxing at home.
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Cyber Monday shoppers turned out in force, driven by free shipping and other deals, amid huge jumps in mobile shopping — or "couch commerce," as experts dub it.
—Eve Mitchell, “Cyber Monday continues to grow while looking to mobile sales,” Contra Costa Times, November 28, 2011
In this transformation process, context is key: Computer users are sitting right in front of their screen, highly focused on their task (finding the best deals), while tablet users are relaxing on the couch, enjoying nice content (pictures, videos, stories). We can describe this context as couch-browsing, and by extension describe the act of browsing a catalogue or shopping through a tablet app as couch-commerce.
—Fred Cavazza, “Are You Ready for Couch-Commerce?,” Forbes, October 25, 2011
1993 (earliest)
QVC (think Quality, Value and Convenience), the home-shopping channel,…and the very concept of shopping by television, quickly are emerging as one of the surprising cash cows of the '90s.
—Andrea Louie, “Couch commerce: shopping show pitches its wares on the air and people buys lots and lots of them,” The Seattle Times, January 03, 1993
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