exercise desert
n. An area where exercise programs and facilities are either non-existent or unaffordable.
This is the reality of life inside what Holt described as an “exercise desert.” She explained these are “places where there are conditions that do not support being physically active, based on the social demographic conditions and the daily realities for those who live in particular neighborhoods or communities.”
—Emily McCoy Glover, “The Remarkable Privilege Of Running,” The Establishment, October 06, 2016
The USA is an Exercise desert! STOP, Ride every day!
—Gary Fisher, “The USA is…,” Twitter, May 22, 2015
But food is not the only health issue that the metaphor of a “Desert” can be applied to Bronx residents, especially young people, have so much difficulty finding opportunities for sports and recreation in the neighborhoods and their schools that the Borough can be described as an Exercise Desert as well.
—Mark Naison, “The Bronx Example: Urban Food Deserts,” LA Progressive, September 23, 2012
2011 (earliest)
The researchers blame part of the decline on a lack of indoor exercise facilities for the urban elderly. Just as cities have food deserts, they also have exercise deserts and the lack of convenient places to exercise grows during the year's colder months.
—Neil Wagner, “Why Winters Are Hard on Arthritis,” The Atlantic, November 29, 2011