n. An adventurous eater.
Also Seen As
I had some moments of cold sweat on Boxing Day, as several very serious gastronauts sat in salivatory anticipation while my fonduta resolutely failed to thicken next door.
—Rowley Leigh, “Food & Drink Head for the Hills,” The Guardian (London), February 17, 1996
This restaurant, engagingly positioned on the River Ill close to the fabulous vineyards of Alsace, is thought by many gastronauts to be the best of France's celebrated three-star restaurants.
—Huon Hooke, “Full at the inn,” Sydney Morning Herald, December 20, 1994
1985 (earliest)
Astronaut Patrick Baudry, the first Frenchman to ride aboard a U.S. spacecraft, was disappointed in NASA's menu for space, so his space meals included crab mousse, rabbit stew and lobster in a cream sauce—prepared in France, canned and shipped to Johnson Space Center. Baudry also tried unsuccessfully to bring wine on the mission.
—Michael Hirsley, “Let's ring out the old year on a dubious note,” Chicago Tribune, December 29, 1985