n. A man who is good-looking, but unintelligent or superficial.
After three Garbage albums, Manson hasn't yet become a tedious pop princess. Undeniably charismatic, she can be distinguished from most of the pop world's thrusting teens and vainglorious himbos by one easy test: she has opinions.
—Sacha Molitorisz, “Talking Trash,” Sydney Morning Herald, January 25, 2002
1988 (earliest)
After a ruckus at the Robert Redford press conference early in the two-week run that left one injured reporter, festival-goers were hungry for violence. (Sex was commonplace, from a Melanie Griffith look-alike stuffed into her gown like salami in spandex to the macho himbo who strutted the Croisette wearing a 16-foot python like a stole around his shoulders and neck.)
—Rita Kempley, “At Cannes, All Ham, No Glam,” The Washington Post, May 29, 1988
The word himbo is the result of a linguistic sex-change operation that sutured the male pronoun him onto the usually feminine insult bimbo. (Although bimbo is often dressed in a gender-neutral suit that gives it a meaning similar to bozo; i.e., a stupid or useless person.) It's a better blend than the less intelligible mimbo (male bimbo) mix that was coined in a "Seinfeld" episode.