n. Technology that encourages or monetizes antisocial behavior, particularly the selling of goods or services that users don't own.
Also Seen As
Legalities and market demand aside, the app is plain ol’ mean-spirited, as a privatization of a public service. The Twitter hashtag for this sort of thing is #JerkTech.
—Adam Vaccaro, “Haystack Launch Party Draws Confused Politician, Kickball Players,”, July 16, 2014
Jerktech is the very apt epithet for the class of "disruptive" startups that sell things that don't belong to them, like parking spots and restaurant reservations, simply raising the prices of them and making access to public resources a factor of your disposable income.
—Cory Doctorow, “Jerktech: Silicon Valley's most shameful export,” BoingBoing, July 08, 2014
2014 (earliest)
They’re emblematic of a compassionless new wave of self-serving startups that exploit small businesses and public infrastructure to make a buck and aid the wealthy. Let’s call these parasites #JerkTech. It’s one thing to outcompete a big, stagnant company with new technology. It’s another to screw over the little guys just because you can sell what’s usually free.
—Josh Constine, “Stop The JerkTech,” TechCrunch, July 03, 2014