mouse wrist
n. Pain in the wrist caused by excessive or improper use of a computer mouse.
By the end of the day, your eyes are red and your vision a little blurry. Your secretary is complaining of neck pain, and your graphic designer has a bad case of 'mouse wrist.' You know you need to do something fast. It's time to 'ergonom-ize' your office.
—Nancy Christie, “Ergonomic Office Products,” OfficeSolutions, July 01, 2000
1995 (earliest)
Jervis, an admitted technology buff who often wears two arm braces to alleviate pain in his 'mouse wrists,' says technology has helped improve the way his classes are taught.
—Melissa DeVaughn, “Charles Jervis,” Roanoke Times & World News, May 16, 1995
The Ullman Mouse is … Held like a pen and that, says Ullman, is where its secret lies and why it won't cause injuries like normal mice.

By using it like a pen, muscles in the forearm and upper arm are at rest and the user's hand and forearm are in a more natural position, rather than being twisted around horizontally, as they are when a mouse is used. It's this position which causes mouse arm syndrome, a type of RSI that affects millions.
—Martyn Williams, “Swedish researcher claims mouse breakthrough,” Network World, April 02, 2001
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