n. A person who supplements a vegetarian diet with poultry.
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Now everybody with a cardigan and crocheted beanie has to have their own special food-limited diet. Not content with mere veganism, we have freeganism (people who only eat free stuff), flexitarianism (a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat) and pollotarians (those who eat chicken or other poultry but not red meat).
—Tim Elliott, “Eating their words,” The Sydney Morning Herald, December 17, 2011
I declared myself as flexitarian back in 2008 hence the name of my blog The Flexitarian Runaholic Diaries. Late last year slowly with the help of Divine Wellness, I gradually became Pollotarian until I have finally made amendment to let go of poultry into a Pescetarian.
—Kassy Pajarillo, “I'm Vegetarian. What's your problem?,” an insatiable thirst, February 28, 2011
2003 (earliest)
If you are a vegetarian but eat chicken or fish, please don't call yourself a vegetarian. If you want to be a "tarian" you are a "pollotarian or pescetarian" respectively. Real vegetarians eat vegies.
—Jodi Kirby, “Real vegetarians” (letter), The Advertiser, July 02, 2003