rage rage
n. Anger directed at people who commit acts of road rage, air rage, and so on.
Rage Rage is defined as anger caused by someone else being angry about your anger!
—Hayley Gyllenspetz, “Must have — this weeks essentials,” Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, November 07, 1998
While the rest of the country slumps peacefully into the warm summer days (all nine of them) the staff at APE are becoming frenzied at the thought of all the "ragers" that appear to be rampaging freely round the highways and byways of Britain. In fact, we are beginning to suffer from a hitherto undiagnosed Nineties disease, "rage rage."
—“Return of the rage,” The Scotsman, July 24, 1997
1995 (earliest)
I'm suffering from rage rage. If I read another 'rage' story I shall go on the rampage, like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.
—Littlejohn, “Time to get real with the exam questions from hell,” Daily Mail (London), August 18, 1995
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