n. Aerobic exercises, performed typically by new mothers, that incorporate strollers containing their babies.
Strollerobics is ''a lot more fun and challenging than just strolling around the neighborhood,'' said Chris Berger, mother of 15-month-old Grace. Berger is 5 months pregnant and plans to continue working out through and after her pregnancy.

The 50-minute workout starts like other aerobics classes, with marching in place and stretching. There are toning and strengthening exercises. Push-ups, step-ups and tricep dips are done on park benches.

Mothers use a stroller with a baby or two inside for balance when performing squats, lunges and leg lifts. They push strollers as they jog laps around the park's flower garden.
—“'Strollerobics' keep new moms in shape,” The Daily News of Los Angeles, June 15, 1997
1994 (earliest)
New mothers who really want to stretch their legs may want to consider the ''Strollerobics'' classes at Beresford Recreation Center in San Mateo. Designed for mothers who want to bring their babies along, the one-hour workout uses strollers as props.

The brainchild of aerobics instructor Donna Lanam, ''strollerobics'' is a shake-rattle-and-roll approach to fitness.

''The idea seemed a bit kooky to me at first,'' says Lanam, a certified aerobics instructor and mother of four. ''But I was teaching a prenatal/postpartum exercise class one day, and a mother had her newborn in a stroller. To keep the baby from fussing, the mother was moving the stroller around. She said, 'Hey, Donna, we need strollerobics.' And I thought, 'Why not?' It's a piece of gear all mothers have, all mothers use and all babies enjoy.''
—Caroline Scarborough, “New Moms Work Out With Babies,” The San Francisco Chronicle, June 06, 1994