n. An extremely zealous vegan who is eager to make other people believe in and convert to veganism.
Dynise Balcavage, 42, an associate creative director at an advertising agency and vegan who lives in Philadelphia, said she has been happily married to her omnivorous husband, John Gatti, 53, for seven years.

''We have this little dance we've choreographed in the kitchen,'' she said. She prepares vegan meals and averts her eyes when he adds anchovies or cheese. And she does not show disapproval when he orders meat in a restaurant.

''I'm not a vegangelical,'' she said. ''He's an adult and I respect his choices just as he respects mine.''
—Kate Murphy, “I Love You, But You Love Meat,” The New York Times, February 13, 2008
Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero are vegangelicals with a sense of humor, a sense of proportion and a sense of adventure. What else would you expect from two gals who host a podcast called The Post Punk Kitchen (
—Ted Scheffler, “Eat Your Veggies,” Salt Lake City Weekly, January 31, 2008
2005 (earliest)
When I first made the step to becoming vegan, I was a militant little prick. Not in a bad way, I mean I wasn't a vegangelical, if that's what you're wondering.
—“The right reasons,” The Smoking Vegans, April 15, 2005
The way that the writer uses vegangelical in the earliest citation is quite matter-of-fact, as though the word was no big deal in his or her neck of the linguistic woods. Yes, maybe that person just happens to write in a relentlessly matter-of-fact style, but I think it's reasonable to assume that the term is older, perhaps much older, than 2005.