venture philanthropy
n. Philanthropy that uses the principles and techniques of venture capitalism.
Other Forms
Now, Myers, a general partner in the Mayfield Fund, a venture capital firm, is planning to do the same for charity—invest millions in people and concepts with potential, refine their strategies, link them to elite professional networks, and, he hopes, make them wildly successful.

His new line of work is called venture philanthropy.
—Karen Brandon, “Venture Capitalists Alter Face of Charity,” Chicago Tribune, August 22, 1999
1972 (earliest)
Rockefeller Family Fund on Oct 21 says grants totaling $814,950 were made during '70 and '71 in what fund's pres D Rockefeller Jr terms 'venture philanthropy.'
—The New York Times, October 22, October 22, 1972
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