n. Recognition and praise for a task well done, particularly a task that is performed for free.
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In science-fiction-fan-speak there's a phenomenon called 'egoboo.'…It means a boost in reputation. Hackers operate in a gift economy in which giant-size egos compete with one another for attention and reputation on the Net. If you do something cool, like reduce the length of a subroutine by 50 percent, you score major egoboo.
—Mark Frauenfelder, “Man Against the FUD,” LA Weekly, May 21, 1999
1985 (earliest)
The IRS refused a tax exemption for St. Louis Science Fiction Limited, whose principal activity is holding an annual convention that includes a masquerade party, a sing-along and an auction. Panelists discuss such topics as "What's so Horrible about Horror?" and "I'm Doing This for Ego-boo."
—Jim Luther, “Tips From the Tax Court and How to Get SMART,” The Associated Press, April 16, 1985
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