n. A mobile phone that includes many of the same features as a personal computer, particularly Internet access and apps such as a calendar and address book, a camera, sensors, and antennae for technologies such as Wi-Fi and GPS.
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The Internet is crawling with viruses, and now one worm has even inched its way onto wireless mobile phones. The new Cabir smartphone worm is thought to be the first pest that spreads itself from phone to phone by means of the Blue-tooth wireless technology.
—J. D. Biersdorfer, “Worms Like Wireless Phones, Too,” The New York Times, June 24, 2004
Keep the gadget geek-on-the-go connected with the PalmOne Treo 600 smartphone. Mobile phone, PDA and digital camera all in one, the Treo 600 features a Palm OS organizer with wireless tools such as e-mail and Web browsing.

"The Treo 600 is the perfect blend of phone and PDA for my dad, who always needs to be connected to people and information," says Mike Torres, 27. "Instead of carrying around both a PDA and a cellphone, he only has to carry around one small toy."
—Kelly DiNardo, “Dads, grads drop hints for gadgets,” USA Today, May 17, 2004
1995 (earliest)
A new version of operating system software from Geoworks (NASDAQ/NMS:GWRX) will deliver comprehensive communications capabilities to affordable mobile consumer devices and enable the company to further penetrate this growing market. A universal mailbox facility for processing electronic mail, voice, paging and fax messages, is the centerpiece of the GEOS 3.0 operating system. Particularly well suited for the rapidly growing cellular market and the emerging smartphone category, GEOS 3.0 supports the leading industry standard protocols for wireless communications and delivers a new level of integrated communications functionality to mobile consumer devices.
—“New Geoworks Operating System Software Delivers Communications Power for Mobile Computing,” Business Wire, July 10, 1995
IDN (Integrated Digital Networks) provide special services like broadcast, direct dialling, 'smart' phones, etc.
—“User group survey — Deutsche txelecom eV, West Germany,” Telecommunications Policy, Volume 4, Issue 3, September 01, 1980